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Next up in our A to Z feature is 1XI captain, Levi. He reveals the best player he’s played against and lifts the lid on a love hate relationship within the team.

The idea is simple: 26 questions, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Levi Wolfenden

A - AWAY - What is your favourite away ground you have played at?

Rishton - always a good crowd

B - BANTER - Who has the best banter at the club?

Phill Gilrane. Never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face.

C - CLUB - What football team do you support?

Blackburn Rovers

D - DINING - What would be your last 3 course meal?

Chicken Pasta
Chocolate sponge and custard

E - EVENINGS - A quiet night in with the missus or a night out with the lads? Why?

Has to be staying in. Feet up and Benidorm on Netflix.

F - FOREIGN - What is your favourite holiday destination?


G - GAME - What’s the best game of cricket you have ever played in?

The first time we won the T20 at Lowerhouse in 2014. What a night for the club. Winning it again at Tod comes a close second.

H - HOBBIES - What do you like to do in your spare time?

Fifa and marking books.

I - IDOL - Who is your favourite cricketing hero?

Andrew Flintoff

J - JOBS - What is your current occupation?

Primary School Teacher

K - KIDS - What were you like as a child?

Rogue. Had the ability, could always do better.

L - LOATH - What annoys you the most and why?

Banging cutlery on your teeth when eating.

M - MUSIC - What is your favourite type of music and what is your favourite song?

Oasis, Kasabian etc. Half the World Away by Oasis.

N - NICKNAME - What’s your nickname and what’s the best one you’ve ever heard?

Has to be Pop Boi (Sam Holt). He came back with two cans of pop from the tea room and Andrew Bentley labelled him for life!

O - OPTIMISM - How do you think Church will do this year? League? T20? Cup?

To challenge on all fronts and play the best cricket we can. Try and better 5th place even though it’ll be a tough ask.

P - PETS - Do you have any pets?


Q - QUALITY - Who is the best player you’ve played with and against? Why?

With - Kadeer Ali/Liam Livingstone
Against - Craig Fergusson

R - RAPID - Who’s the quickest bowler you’ve faced?

Cole Hayman

S - STRANGE - What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in your life?

Tough one. Probably Josh Dentith and Josh Scully’s relationship. One minute they're on and the next they're off. Can’t get my head around it.

T - TELEVISION - What do you like to watch on the box?


U - UNKNOWN - Tell us something that we don’t know about you.

I must get to 50/100 by hitting a 4 or a 6! No time for 1s and 2s.

V - VIDEO GAMES - Do you play any games consoles? If so, how often and what do you play?

Fifa. Constantly.

W - WORLD - What is the place you’d love to travel to the most? Why?

South Africa. Longman left us with so many unanswered questions!

X - XYLOPHONE - Can you play any musical instruments?

The cricket bat.

Y - YIKES - Are you scared of anything? If so, what?


Z - ZODIAC - What is your star sign?


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