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Interview with Josh Scully

Josh Scully

Josh Scully gives us the low down on his Church Career so far including how his move to Church improved his practice.

1. You signed for the club from Elton. What were your reasons for choosing Church CC?

Elton will always have a place in my heart with growing up there and enjoying some really great moments. In terms of why Church? Well the Lancashire League appealed to me to try and challenge myself to play at the highest level I possibly could. What a good decision it has turned out to be!

2. What has been your career highlight for Church CC so far?

An obvious choice for this would be the T20 Final win at Todmorden which was my first trophy playing at Church. My personal highlight would be my 63* against Colne back in 2017 on the back of few tough results and in a tough position in the game. It was a game which gave me such belief and confidence that I was capable of playing at this level.

3. You often fall out of love with the game of cricket, what are the reasons for that and what makes you keep playing?

I think my relationship with cricket is very much a love/hate one. I fall out of love when I am not playing well and not getting the results I want but the more I play and the more ‘love’ moments I have, the more I realise the ‘love’ moments massively outweigh the ‘hate’ moments. I continue to play every week for those amazing moments not just individually but as a team, there really is no better feeling than winning with your mates!

4. What is the biggest thing you have learnt whilst being at Church

The biggest thing I have learnt whilst being at Church is how important practice is, you can’t just turn up on a Sunday expecting to score a century and win easily without putting the work in.

5. Q, our pro last season did a drill with you in the nets in which he rolled tennis balls on the floor to you which you didn't like! Reflecting back do you feel that the principle of the drill was right to improve your game?

Q was brilliant for me personally, a real ‘tough love’ professional. Without giving too much away I have a bad habit which when I fall back into, it really limits my game. I began to get rid of it with the help of Q and I have continued to to these drills which I can do on the drive or in the garden so I can’t wait to get back to it and start hitting some balls in the nets!

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