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Interview with Phill Gilrane

Sam Holt

Our interviews continue now as we speak with a man once dubbed the future of local league cricket and safe to say at the age of 32, he hasnít managed to fulfil that tag! After a year away, we catch up with the returning Sam Holt.

1. You have returned to the club this year after playing at Bury in 2019. Why did you decide to sign for Bury and similarly why did you decide to return just one year later?

Work mainly. Looking at LL Div 2 this year - A quick games a good game plus less travel.

2. Who is the best pro that you have played with at Church CC?

Ruvin Peiris with Greg Mail being a close second. Ruvin was a great league pro. Greg Mail was a class cricketer in every sense of the word.

3. It is rumoured you once asked a Rishton 2nd XI player if he knew who you were. Is that true and if so, did he?

Have you just made this up?!!

4. What has been the highlight of your Church CC career to date?

Probably on the train to Todmorden listening to Jack Gaskill before the T20 final about how heís going to cheat Ashton Turner out to win the game. He kept his word as well (only joking it went straight in). Good lad.

5. Do you have any cricket related superstitions?

Yeah. I make sure I have an excuse for every time I get out. If I donít have one or forget it, I worry Iíll have to hold my hands up for playing a poor shot. Me and Francis Kinsella share this same superstition. Alec Holt also had a similar superstition.

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