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Interview with Phill Gilrane

Phill Gilrane

At this point, we’d normally have enough to talk about with the action each Sunday but extraordinary times call for some extraordinary measures. We don’t know how we’ve done it, but we’ve managed to persuade the man himself, the heart and soul of the team and changing room, the laugh a minute and the man who bleeds green and black, Mr. Phill Gilrane. Enjoy!

1. What does it mean to you to play for Church CC?

Church is an old club with a great history and being player number 489 gives a sense of pride. I’ve played a lot of games now and made many friends for life. Continuing to step out on to the field with mates I have grown up with still doesn’t get old. Church (like many other clubs) is very family orientated and I can’t wait to watch my children play for Church too.

2. What is the highlight of your Church CC career to date?

There wasn’t many to go at really. The T20 win in 2014 was a good night with friends & family (and was nice to contribute for once).

3. What is the lowest point of your Church CC career to date?

Worsley cup final loses are hard to take, particularly the one to Ramsbottom in 2011. Last season wasn’t particularly great either (relegation).

4. You had a short spell away from the club playing for Cherry Tree. What was that experience like and what made you return to Church CC?

To be honest, it was tough - but I expected that. It’s hard to try and integrate yourself into another established team. I remember the weather being horrible that summer, but I got to experience cricket from another angle and made some good friends. Ultimately I missed playing with my friends, and there was no one other than the likes of Craig, Tucks, Levi, AB and Adam (who I both miss on the field) that I’d rather play with.

5. Your personality is very well liked in the dressing room. Which pro's personality from the past have you liked the most and why?

Good question. I really got on with the SA lads from the last couple of years (Johnny & Q) - brilliant lads, funny & witty and both on my wavelength and easy to share a joke with. I also spent a lot of time with Woody, he is a great bloke who I had a lot of time for and liked sharing a beer with. I tell you what… Higgsy made me bloody laugh as well - what a livewire he was!

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