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Next up we we have opening batter, Josh Scully. Our resident pianist lifts the lid on his ideal night!

The idea is simple: 26 questions, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Josh Scully

A - AWAY - What is your favourite away ground you have played at?

Ramsbottom to look at, Lowerhouse to play at. Always a top atmosphere at Lowerhouse.

B - BANTER - Who has the best banter at the club?

Phil Gilly or Ferg, very tough.. Phil just pips it for me

C - CLUB - What football team do you support?

United, through and through

D - DINING - What would be your last 3 course meal?

Prawns to start, not cocktail though. Just some prawn dish, rare steak covered in peppercorn sauce. And a naughty apple pie to finish

E - EVENINGS - A quiet night in with the missus or a night out with the lads? Why?

Expecting a lot of stick for this one, but a Chinese with the missus all day!

F - FOREIGN - What is your favourite holiday destination?

Literally anywhere hot, Australia.

G - GAME - Whatís the best game of cricket you have ever played in?

T20 win is the obvious choice, but I think in the group stage of that year we beat Burnley on the last ball where Liaqat looked to have cleared the ropes but Kamran flew from nowhere and tipped it back over to have us go through. Scenes.

H - HOBBIES - What do you like to do in your spare time?

Very little spare time I have I play xbox, watch box sets and eat!

I - IDOL - Who is your favourite cricketing hero?

Wayne Madsen - from a young age as well!

J - JOBS - What is your current occupation?


K - KIDS - What were you like as a child?

My opinion, World class child. Anyone elseís opinion- brat.

L - LOATH - What annoys you the most and why?

Failure. And Levi

M - MUSIC - What is your favourite type of music and what is your favourite song?

Literally any kind of music I love everything. Favourite song at the minute is Iíve Been Waiting- Lil Peep

N - NICKNAME - Whatís your nickname and whatís the best one youíve ever heard?

Only ever had Scully, or Weasel

O - OPTIMISM - How do you think Church will do this year? League? T20? Cup?

Win everything of course! If youíre going to play, itís to win!

P - PETS - Do you have any pets?

Little white bichon frise cross, Lilly

Q - QUALITY - Who is the best player youíve played with and against? Why?

Best player Iíve played with is Usman Tariq. Without a doubt - made everything look so elegant and easy.

Best player Iíve played against is an easy one. Ocki Erasmus - heís a different level, the way he picks out gaps is to die for! Plays 360 so well

R - RAPID - Whoís the quickest bowler youíve faced?

Kamran Basharat.. unbelievable on his day!

S - STRANGE - Whatís the weirdest thing youíve seen in your life?

Hmm, maybe Denty taking the luckiest 6fer Iíve ever seen at Colne last season - Gilly will back me up with this one.

T - TELEVISION - What do you like to watch on the box?

Footy when itís on! Binge watching Shipwrecked at the minute!

U - UNKNOWN - Tell us something that we donít know about you.

I can play the piano!

V - VIDEO GAMES - Do you play any games consoles? If so, how often and what do you play?

Xbox, fifa and cod.. old school! None of this fortnite rubbish!

W - WORLD - What is the place youíd love to travel to the most? Why?

Asia, just because of how different it is!

X - XYLOPHONE - Can you play any musical instruments?


Y - YIKES - Are you scared of anything? If so, what?

Spiders and moths. Spider within 5 yards of me Iím running.

Z - ZODIAC - What is your star sign?


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